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Inexpensive Craft Project Washer Pendant Necklaces


How cute are these necklaces?? I found them on one of my favorite sites, Money Saving Mom. She posted three ideas for inexpensive Mothers Day projects. My favorite is the this pendant made from washers, which I am betting I can find in our garage. Scott will laugh if I start digging through his hardware stash – he knows I have a rather large supply of craft supplies of my own! You can find Christy’s great detailed set of instructions at Thrifty and Thriving.

Twinings Tea Shop Offering 15% Off Online Mothers Day Order

Twinings Tea sent me an email with a discount code and a request to spread the word. I keep a supply of tea at home for myself. Though I usually drink coffee, there are times that call for a relaxing cup of tea. Twinings is suggesting tea for Mothers Day gifts.

The 15% discount is off of a minimum order of $30. The code MD15 is to be entered at checkout and expires May 10, 2012.


Lindt chocolates carefully shipped to my door

I was so impressed with the delivery of chocolate to my doorstep yesterday!

My son and daughter-in-law sent me two very thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts this week.  The first to arrive was an antique book that was obviously chosen with care and shipped from their home in Germany. (More about the book later this month.) The other gift was delivered to my doorstep via UPS.  The box, with its bold lettering “KEEP CONTENTS COOL” and a return address that read: 1 Fine Chocolate Place, begged to be opened immediately.

How did I ever manage to overlook Lindt chocolate until now? They make wonderful candy and wrap it up so nicely it is almost a shame to unwrap – almost.

They made an impression on me with their attention to detail.  The lovely box of candy was wrapped in a thermal bubble-wrap bag with ice packs and appropriate packing material to keep the contents from moving around in transit.

My family made me feel special when they took the time to send a nice gift.  Lindt made me feel that I was worth the trouble to make sure the candy arrived safely. As a mother I took note of the fact that my son and his wife got the good service that they paid for. 

The company included little inserts telling me about their products. I am sure their marketing department worked hard on those ads, but I haven’t read any of them yet.  It was the shipping department that recruited a new customer this time.

I shipped Mother’s Day presents in regional flat rate boxes

Earlier this year I wrote about the regional flat rate boxes now available online through USPS.  I had eBay shipments in mind at the time, but I am finding many personal uses for these money saving boxes.

Do you have relatives that live in nearby states? I do.  Most of our family lives in Illinois.  Today I shipped 3 pound boxes to both mothers – and it cost me the 2 pound rate.  Of course, purchasing online also saved me the cost of delivery confirmation and gave me a small discount on the postage, too. 

I used the regional boxes for birthday presents last month.  $4.97 to ship the regional box A from Indiana to Illinois is much cheaper than a tank of gas!

You should check for this savings if you are shipping your gifts instead of driving to see Mom this year. The less you spend on postage the more you can spend on her gift, right?