Song Birds Jigsaw Puzzle 1965 Vintage Round Springbok

round bird puzzle

I am so happy to have another vintage Springbok puzzle! This one was found by one of my friends…it is so nice to have people that care enough to watch out for neat old puzzles. Springbok’s from the 1960’s are not easy to find.

This pretty round puzzle is Song Birds by Don R. Eckelberry, dated 1965.

I haven’t opened the box yet, but my friend assembled it to make sure it was all there before giving it to me. Unfortunately, she did not take photographs of the assembled puzzle. So, it looks like we have another project for the drafting table. If it is in good condition you will see it listed in the store soon. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Song Birds Jigsaw Puzzle 1965 Vintage Round Springbok

  1. We had this puzzle! A painter I know is creating a piece of the little guy on the bottom with the orange crest, and I found your page this way. We loved these puzzles :)

    1. It is a very colorful puzzle with all the different birds. I enjoy the vintage Springbok puzzles, too. I would love to see the painting that your friend is creating!

  2. I am looking for the 1965 SPRINGBOK CIRCULAR Puzzle SONG BIRDS by SADON R. ECKELBERRY Complete C928. I have one from years ago and missing about 10 pieces. I don’t know where I can get the missing pieces, so I am looking for a complete set. I ordered one that I found and it is cut bigger and has an orange backing. I need the green backing, so the pieces from that puzzle was too big. I was so disappointed. Any help from someone would be greatly appreciated.

    1. This puzzle is complete and it has the green backing. If you are interested in buying this one just send me an email through our contacts link and we can work out the details. Otherwise, when I have time, I will be putting it together so I can take photographs for an eBay listing.

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