Indy Motor Speedway Puzzle Spotted On My APO Bump Page



The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is in the news this week as the annual Indy 500 race day draws near.  Though I do not have any raceway items listed – I did spot this Speedway puzzle on our eBay APO bump page. It would be good for passing the time when you take a break from the heat…or if you are looking for race day decor you could display the box even if you don’t assemble and glue the puzzle. Check out this listing, and others, in the eBay store, Great Finds for Great Minds.

Madison Indiana Destination, A. Dattilo Fruit Company


Jessica at Little Indiana does a great job of showing off small towns in Indiana. Her story about a produce shop in Madison Indiana caught my eye with her colorful photo of the store front. I am adding A. Dattilo Fruit Company to my list of future travel destinations. You can find the company online, but Jessica’s article makes me want to visit the colorful shop and experience it first hand. How about you?



Letter Carrier Food Drive Saturday May 12, 2012

This Saturday will be the 20th year for the national Letter Carriers Food Drive. Our local food donations will go to Food Finders Food Bank. Hopefully, this weekend will add to the supplies at food banks all over the United States to help feed the hungry.

We received our food drive bag in the mail, did you? Of course, we can add as many bags or boxes of food as we want. Our mail service is making it so easy to donate to a good cause. We are filling our bags ahead of time so we will be ready before Saturday – and encourage you to do the same. Together we can make a difference! Read more about the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. They even supply logos and video to help pass the word along.


Inexpensive Craft Project Washer Pendant Necklaces


How cute are these necklaces?? I found them on one of my favorite sites, Money Saving Mom. She posted three ideas for inexpensive Mothers Day projects. My favorite is the this pendant made from washers, which I am betting I can find in our garage. Scott will laugh if I start digging through his hardware stash – he knows I have a rather large supply of craft supplies of my own! You can find Christy’s great detailed set of instructions at Thrifty and Thriving.

Update Blackthorne To Fix eBay Item Specifics Problem

I am not technical minded, so I was at a loss when I began having problems adding or changing item specifics in my Blackthorne listings. Since eBay rarely notifies users of system problems (they own Blackthorne) I did what I always do…I checked discussion boards to see what other users were saying. Other eBayers are usually my best source of information.

There weren’t many postings on eBay boards, but there was enough to know that it wasn’t just me having the problem.  Blackthorne had posted an answer to user complaints/questions on their discussion forum. Their instructions were simple: Update to the newest version 04.08.026, and update categories. It worked like a charm, so I am sharing the information. Hint: Make sure you backup your database before running the update.


List For Free on eBay with Auction Special for Stores

EBay is running a special on auction insertion fees for eBay stores May 7-13, 2012. No insertion fees for auction listings, except for 1 day durations.  See the details on their site eBay Store Promotion for Auction Listings

I have set a personal goal to list at least 5 new auctions a day during this special. There are a lot of other obligations on my calendar this week, but with some creative scheduling and focus I can do it. I have been frustrated by low sales on eBay and increasing my listed inventory should make a difference.


Which Starbucks Frappuccino Flavor at Half Price Happy Hour



I am not a regular Starbucks customer, but I plan to give their Frappuccino half price special a try. The sale is 3 to 5 p.m. each day May 4-13, 2012. According to their store locator – there are seven locations within easy driving distance of my home.


My family likes icy coffee drinks and we had some on our recent trip to Texas.  I am always in “save” mode and so it didn’t surprise anyone that my first taste of a McDonald’s Carmel Frappe was purchased with a buy one get one free coupon. That set the stage for me to become curious when I heard about this Starbucks promotion from Money Saving Mom. I wonder how the two drinks will compare?

I know the Starbucks deal is designed in part to bring people like me in the door…and it is working. I am even sharing the news because I thought you might want to go, too. I may even enter one of their daily contests by sending a photo on Twitter.  Check out the contest on their Frappuccino Coffee Drink site under the Community tab. It looks like fun. (Especially since I just recently started taking photos with my phone.)

My dilemma will be choosing a flavor. Any suggestions?