New Postal Rates Go Into Effect January 27, 2013

25 January 2013








It is fairly easy to prepare for postage rate increases for regular first class mail – just use forever stamps. But the shipping options continue to change with each rate update, giving us more and more services to choose from. Beginning January 27th the price of a first class stamp increases to 46 cents. I have that covered and you probably do too.

The part that has me a bit baffled is the change to Parcel Post. We can now pay for “Standard Post” at the post office counter, but not online nor through eBay.  We can purchase “Parcel Select” online, but not through eBay until March. Ebay sent me a note today announcing that the current Parcel Post option in my listings’ shipping calculator will automatically update to Parcel Select – but I will not be able to print labels until March. So, I will either have to upgrade my shipments to Priority to ship from my home office or drive packages to the post office and stand in line. (I am thinking Priority upgrades!)

I apologize for not being more of an expert on the new changes. I will study up, but it is going to make more sense to me when I can see the differences in the USPS price calculator on their site. Right now it just shows Parcel Post, not Parcel Select, even when I use a date after the 27th. They do have a new rate sheet. 64 pages long. Enjoy!


Free Pastel Paper With Staples Rebate This Week

22 January 2013

I have been receiving a lot of emails from Staples lately. I almost didn’t open today’s email – almost missing the pastel paper free with rebate coupon. (I won’t do that again.)

You can go directly to Staples web site to print coupons for free-after-rebate multipurpose paper and pastel colored paper, along with some other good deals. There are more coupons in their ad, which you can also find on their site if you did not get a paper copy this week.

I have found some very good deals in the emails that Staples sends to me. I recommend signing up here so you don’t miss out on any special offers.


Busy Work versus Dirty Work

19 January 2013

It is a standing joke at our home that I have to do everything…but my husband does everything else. I guarantee you that “everything” is always a better deal.

Today has been a good example. I cooked breakfast and gradually worked on kitchen cleanup between updating our checkbook and listing items on eBay and Amazon. He, on the other hand, pulled the toilet from our master bathroom to replace the leaking seal. It has been a messy job that involved several trips to local hardware stores.

My only contribution was retrieving a new roll of paper towels for him as he was sopping up the water from around the toilet drain in the floor. He did everything else. I never once got my hands dirty. Just the way I like it!



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