A Visit With Mom Is Never Long Enough

I recently spent a week in Illinois with my mother. She had knee replacement surgery and my flexible schedule allowed me to take time off from my business to help her. I packed books to read and coupons to sort because I anticipated having time to kill. As it turned out I didn’t sort my coupons and books didn’t hold my attention. There was a lot going on in the hospital and  plenty of everyday type household chores to do while at her house each evening. Most of all it was nice to be able to just sit and talk with Mom and my brothers and sister…without feeling the need to be busy with something. Now that I am back home in Indiana I miss them. I hope to work more visits into my schedule soon.



A New Month Means New Coupons to Print

Coupons can save us a lot of money. There are coupons in the Sunday papers, but printable coupons are another GREAT source for savings. Each month there are new coupons from various companies – and some of the best ones must be printed almost immediately because print limits are quickly met. Some sites that help me with the process are listed below.

Living Rich With Coupons

Money Saving Mom

Free Coupon Alerts

In Good Cents – an Indiana site with many local stores and deals!

These sites call attention to new coupons to print and match-ups with deals at stores. Do you have favorite savings sites that you follow? What are they?

Relisting My Items Because of Unpaying eBay Buyers

I am so thankful that most of my customers pay promptly or ask for extra time when they need it…and even for those that communicate and tell me when they cannot pay.

When buyers just buy and don’t pay my items remain out of inventory for over a week. First the 4 days I have to wait before filing with eBay and then another 4 days before I can get my final value fees back and finally relist the items. Wasted time and possible missed sales from other buyers are a bit disheartening.

I can understand that things come up that could cause a bidder to not be able to pay when they win an auction. Maybe something happened between the day they first bid and the day the auction ends. But what causes people to shop, buy fixed price items, request a combined invoice and then never be heard from again?

Hopefully, someone else will like this cute Frog Puzzle

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Scary Skinny Girl Stampotique Stamp Auction Got Away



I wanted to win this stamp auction, but was unwilling to bid any higher – so it got away. I am patient AND determined to find good deals on more of this line of stamps. They will make some fun tags and cards for the fall season. This one is actually “gooseneck” by Daniel Torrente and Jill Penney. Don’t you just hate finding what you want on eBay and then letting it slip away? Oh well! On with my search.


Inexpensive Summer Activities From A to Z


Looking for some ideas this summer? I found this fun printable list at Money Saving Mom.  There are plenty of things on the list for those of us that are “empty nesters” with no children at home anymore. I wish my grandsons lived close. I remember doing some of these activities with my boys when they were young. One thing I would add under P? Planting flowers or vegetables and watching them grow!

Shopping and Selling at Yard Sales in Indiana

Do you shop at yard sales? One of my favorite summer activities is hunting for bargains for my home – and for items to resell.

Right now I am in the midst of getting a garage sale ready for this weekend. I have already had my own annual sale this year and now it is time for my son’s sale. His subdivision has a community sale every year. I spend time helping at his house, but I get to shop the other yard sales in the neighborhood, too. The best of both worlds for a yard sale person like me…make money and shop at the same time.

I was able to sell a wheelchair for my mother at my sale, which helped her a bit. Listing it on Craigslist didn’t work, but being able to negotiate price in person did the trick.

My best shopping find so far this year is this neat old porch rocking chair that I found for $5. Do you have a favorite find?