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Busy Work versus Dirty Work

It is a standing joke at our home that I have to do everything…but my husband does everything else. I guarantee you that “everything” is always a better deal.

Today has been a good example. I cooked breakfast and gradually worked on kitchen cleanup between updating our checkbook and listing items on eBay and Amazon. He, on the other hand, pulled the toilet from our master bathroom to replace the leaking seal. It has been a messy job that involved several trips to local hardware stores.

My only contribution was retrieving a new roll of paper towels for him as he was sopping up the water from around the toilet drain in the floor. He did everything else. I never once got my hands dirty. Just the way I like it!


A Fresh Start by Amy at The Finer Things In Life

A Fresh Start by Amy at The Finer Things In Life.I enjoy reading Amy’s blog at The Finer Things In Life. I think  you will, too. I am looking forward to her 31 fresh start posts this month. Day 1, Gratitude, made me stop and focus less on resolution making and more on thankfulness for all that 2012 brought to my family. A new year does seem like the perfect time for a fresh start and Amy has a way of putting everything in a positive light. My children are grown, but I learn a lot from her approach to her day-to-day life.

Welcome to 2013! Every Year Is A Gift

2013 is going to be my year for stopping to smell the roses – or coffee – whichever the case may be. I want to make my time, money, and efforts count for more in the coming year; however it has become obvious to me that I simply do not smile enough. Even when I am having a wonderful time I look worried and/or serious. Enough of that! I love the life that God has given to me and it should show.

One of my dearest friends makes everything look so easy. She is so good at focusing on other people that she always looks happy. When she is stressed beyond the normal human breaking point she still appears calm, confident and in control; always ready with guidance and reassurance. If I asked her how she does it she would shake her head and tell me that I just need to “lighten up”.  Well, I guess that is my most profound resolution this year. I am going to lighten up and remind myself that every year – every day – is a gift.



A Visit With Mom Is Never Long Enough

I recently spent a week in Illinois with my mother. She had knee replacement surgery and my flexible schedule allowed me to take time off from my business to help her. I packed books to read and coupons to sort because I anticipated having time to kill. As it turned out I didn’t sort my coupons and books didn’t hold my attention. There was a lot going on in the hospital and  plenty of everyday type household chores to do while at her house each evening. Most of all it was nice to be able to just sit and talk with Mom and my brothers and sister…without feeling the need to be busy with something. Now that I am back home in Indiana I miss them. I hope to work more visits into my schedule soon.



Inexpensive Summer Activities From A to Z


Looking for some ideas this summer? I found this fun printable list at Money Saving Mom.  There are plenty of things on the list for those of us that are “empty nesters” with no children at home anymore. I wish my grandsons lived close. I remember doing some of these activities with my boys when they were young. One thing I would add under P? Planting flowers or vegetables and watching them grow!

Shopping and Selling at Yard Sales in Indiana

Do you shop at yard sales? One of my favorite summer activities is hunting for bargains for my home – and for items to resell.

Right now I am in the midst of getting a garage sale ready for this weekend. I have already had my own annual sale this year and now it is time for my son’s sale. His subdivision has a community sale every year. I spend time helping at his house, but I get to shop the other yard sales in the neighborhood, too. The best of both worlds for a yard sale person like me…make money and shop at the same time.

I was able to sell a wheelchair for my mother at my sale, which helped her a bit. Listing it on Craigslist didn’t work, but being able to negotiate price in person did the trick.

My best shopping find so far this year is this neat old porch rocking chair that I found for $5. Do you have a favorite find?

Letter Carrier Food Drive Saturday May 12, 2012

This Saturday will be the 20th year for the national Letter Carriers Food Drive. Our local food donations will go to Food Finders Food Bank. Hopefully, this weekend will add to the supplies at food banks all over the United States to help feed the hungry.

We received our food drive bag in the mail, did you? Of course, we can add as many bags or boxes of food as we want. Our mail service is making it so easy to donate to a good cause. We are filling our bags ahead of time so we will be ready before Saturday – and encourage you to do the same. Together we can make a difference! Read more about the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. They even supply logos and video to help pass the word along.


Road Trip to Texas Made Possible By Working From Home

My current vacation days were prompted by my older son being sent from Germany to Texas for Air Force training and my younger son offering to drive me from Indiana to see him.  Now I am in Texas spending time with both of my adult kids.

I have to admit that one of the major perks of my work from home job is the vacation day “request” process that I do NOT go through. I have to plan around appointments and responsibilities, but there is nobody to approve or deny my days off even though this trip was planned on very short notice.

Of course, this road trip interrupts my income. That would be the big vacation drawback of working from home. Not home? No pay. I am now in the process of putting my listings back online so customers can buy items for Monday shipment. A few late night hours spent in my hotel room with my laptop and then I am back to vacation mode until Monday. There will be extra work to do when I return to my office, but as I recall – that is the way it is for other jobs, too.

For now I am enjoying 90 degree weather in April and there is no packing tape in site!



Memories, I Found A Weather Owl Just Like Grandpa Had

I am 50 years old, but a kid at heart. If you are my age then you probably understand – those of you that are younger will learn in time that we never really get over our youth, we just carry it with us as we age. Sometimes old “stuff” causes us to remember extra fond memories of years gone by. Like this old owl does for me. 

I recently told my sister that I had been looking for a weather owl for years. My grandparents had one that I remember in vivid detail. I have searched online, in antique shops, at yard sales, etc. My interest would be renewed each time that I would see a group of owls that a collector was selling. I described this owl to many people, only to be met with blank stares. A weather owl? That changed colors? Hmmm.

I found this one on eBay. I had looked in the past, but this time luck was on my side. There is no way for the seller to really understand just how special this purchase was for me.

I remember as a kid being fascinated as the breast feathers would change colors to blue or purple or pink depending on the weather. This one no longer changes colors and he is scuffed and worn with age…much like myself. Yet, wrapped up in this little owl and his tiny thermometer are memories of going to my grandparents house. He has been like a time machine, taking me back to memories of my grandparents. Of grandma fixing food in the kitchen and grandpa giving motorcycle rides around the block and all the great times we all had together. Has it really been decades?

Have you found any childhood memory treasures lately? I hope so!