Alice’s Adventures Under Ground, vintage round puzzle

I have an interesting jigsaw puzzle to put together.  A round Alice in Wonderland puzzle dated 1965 with wording from the original Lewis Carroll manuscript.  The box has been beat up a bit and the puzzle may not be complete…so I have a fun new puzzle project on my drafting table.

I figure it will take me several weeks to assemble Alice and her under ground adventures.  Those of you that are serious about your puzzles could have it done today if you wanted to, but this will be a side project for me to work on a few minutes a day.  Right now it is just a box of orange and black pieces waiting for my attention.


I am optimistic about Alice’s Adventures because it is one of three vintage Springbok puzzles found together.  The Okta horse puzzle was assembled earlier this winter and is complete.  The third puzzle is more abstract and will be a challenge for me, so I am putting it off until last. 

This one is my favorite of the three.  If it is complete I will list it in my eBay store…if not, I will keep it and enjoy the box on display in my home office.  (My office is decorated with a mix of children’s books and puzzles.)

I plan to start with the outside edge pieces and assemble the outside circle before I fill in the rest.  If you have any puzzling tips – please share.  We can all learn from each other. 

2 thoughts on “Alice’s Adventures Under Ground, vintage round puzzle

  1. I have one of these puzzles in the box with the plastic wrapper still on it.Is this worth something? Do I need to hold onto it?

    1. I sold mine once it was assembled and complete. You should be able to get something for it since it is unused. I think I got about $25 or 30 for my used puzzle. If I didn’t need the money it would have been nice to keep it though…so it is just a matter of what you would rather do.

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