Making Changes to Pages at Seasoned With Time

We are in the process of updating this site.

Some of you have already noticed that our bump pages disappeared. Sorry about the lack of notice, but my husband and I had a business meeting and the next thing I knew – it was done!

We have also removed the eBay store page.  I am paring down the inventory and it no longer seems appropriate to dedicate a page to eBay. My eBay store will have new inventory soon…but expect the unexpected!





Stampington August Magazine Giveaway Contest & $5 Discount

Stampington is giving away one of their August magazine publications to a lucky reader. We can enter by going to their blog post and commenting about our favorite from the list: Altered Couture, Artful Blogging, GreenCraft, Somerset Home, Where Women Create, Stuffed, and Art Doll Quarterly . They are also giving each of us a $5 discount on one of those same magazines.

I am eyeing up the new issue of GreenCraft but several of the others would be great for my inner crafter, too. The discount is too good to pass up. Choosing is the difficult part…but don’t wait too long. The contest and discount both end August 31st.

greencraft denim rug


Support Young Entrepreneurs on Lemonade Day, May 18, 2013

Many of us still have snow on the ground, but it is springtime and lemonade stand weather will soon be here. Lemonade Day is such a fun time – and it gets kids thinking, and learning, about business.

We like to stop at several stands around town to support the young people. Some of my favorites serve cookies!

Our local volunteers have already been busy preparing for the big day. You can find out more about the local Lafayette, Indiana efforts here. There is also a national site where you can see what is going on in your city. Mark the date May 18th on your calendar.

lemonade day



Indy Rubber Stamp and Paper Festival by Heirloom Productions

I am so excited to be going to this Heirloom Productions stamp show with my friends! If you have ANY interest in stamping – you do not want to miss these shows when they come to your area. This weekend the festival is at the Indianapolis Fairgrounds. You can go to the Heirloom Productions site for the whole schedule and links to vendor sites.

There is such a long list of vendors coming to the Indy show. One of my friends has prioritized the list. She might keep me from wandering aimlessly from booth to booth as designs catch my eye, but I am making no promises. I expect to have trouble narrowing down my wish list no matter how I shop. Maybe I can spend a little less on groceries next week ;)


Song Birds Jigsaw Puzzle 1965 Vintage Round Springbok

round bird puzzle

I am so happy to have another vintage Springbok puzzle! This one was found by one of my friends…it is so nice to have people that care enough to watch out for neat old puzzles. Springbok’s from the 1960’s are not easy to find.

This pretty round puzzle is Song Birds by Don R. Eckelberry, dated 1965.

I haven’t opened the box yet, but my friend assembled it to make sure it was all there before giving it to me. Unfortunately, she did not take photographs of the assembled puzzle. So, it looks like we have another project for the drafting table. If it is in good condition you will see it listed in the store soon. Stay tuned!

New Postal Rates Go Into Effect January 27, 2013








It is fairly easy to prepare for postage rate increases for regular first class mail – just use forever stamps. But the shipping options continue to change with each rate update, giving us more and more services to choose from. Beginning January 27th the price of a first class stamp increases to 46 cents. I have that covered and you probably do too.

The part that has me a bit baffled is the change to Parcel Post. We can now pay for “Standard Post” at the post office counter, but not online nor through eBay.  We can purchase “Parcel Select” online, but not through eBay until March. Ebay sent me a note today announcing that the current Parcel Post option in my listings’ shipping calculator will automatically update to Parcel Select – but I will not be able to print labels until March. So, I will either have to upgrade my shipments to Priority to ship from my home office or drive packages to the post office and stand in line. (I am thinking Priority upgrades!)

I apologize for not being more of an expert on the new changes. I will study up, but it is going to make more sense to me when I can see the differences in the USPS price calculator on their site. Right now it just shows Parcel Post, not Parcel Select, even when I use a date after the 27th. They do have a new rate sheet. 64 pages long. Enjoy!